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    for the opportunity to join us for:

    "KRSL Open Play Fridays" at 5pm
    Kingwood Park, 200 Union Road, NJ
    This will be only open to grades 3-8.

    There will probably be a 9-9 field for the 3-5 graders and an 11-11 field for the 6-8 graders.
    Fields will be positioned next to the pavilion so we can use the facilities there easily.
    Suggested donation of $5, but not required.
    Waiver to be signed in order to participate. It will be ready prior to Friday 9/11.

    Open play will not be open for younger players grades pre-k-2, but will reconsider opening as this progresses.

    Masks must be worn by anyone not playing on the field.
    Players will take off masks to play.
    Players will put masks on when not playing.
    6 foot distance for spectators will be in effect.
    Equipment will be sanitized after each Open Play.
    About KRLS

    Who are we?

    The Kingwood Recreational Soccer League is a 501c 3 non-profit, volunteer run organization and that is dedicated to providing a safe environment that fosters the development of soccer skills, healthy competition and good sportsmanship for our atheletes.

    Youth soccer is for the players.
    All parents associated with the Kingwood Recreational Soccer League are invited to share in the pleasure of watching their children participate in the world's most popular sport, so long as their behavior does not distract the players and officials from the free flow of play which is the trademark of the sport. KRLS prides itself on having respectful and engaged families, and we ask that parents and guardians continue to adhere to these guidelines.


    Mini + Micros U6 - David Donnelly + Michelle Daly-Padron + Anna Mantell

    U8 - Michelle Daly-Padron + David Donnelly

    U10 - Danialle + John Nelson

    U12 - Nicole Morvant + Nick DiGregorio

    Spring 2020 Registration Season

    Information about KRSL

    Volunteers Needed:
    Volunteers the core of KRSL. We are currently seeking help for the following areas:

    - Coaches - U14
    - Coaches - Mini Micros, Micros
    - Assistant Coaches for all divisions
    - Refs all divisions (requires certification)
    - Board members to help make decisions, bring in fresh ideas, lead projects, registration process
    - Volunteers to help manage social media communications

    Registration Information:
    Mini Micros (U4) | Ages 3-4 | $80
    Mini Micros (U6) | Ages 5-6 | $80
    U8 | Ages 6-8 | $115
    U10 | Ages 9-10 | $115
    U12 | Ages 11-12 | $130
    U14 | Ages 13-14 | $130 (Coaches needed in order to form this team! If you want your child to keep on playing, we need support in recruiting a coach. If we cannot find coaches, we will need to cease the team)

    Fees include a branded KRSL jersey and cover the operational costs to run the league.

    Contact krslpresident@gmail.com if you have questions.

    Stay Informed by visiting us on Facebook, Instagram or right here on our site!

    KRSL Board